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British Psychological Society (BPS) Qualifications

Test User: Occupational , Ability - provides a good introduction to psychometric testing and qualifies delegates to use and interpret ability tests. More Details.

Test User: Occupational, Personality - gives delegates an understanding of how to use personality assessments in recruitment, development or coaching. More Details.

Test User: Occupational, Ability & Personality. More Details.

EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 - Emotional intelligence assessment. More Details.

Pearman Personality Integrator - an excellent tool for coaching and leadership development. More Details.

Public Course Training Calendar 2018 - More Details

Other Courses

Competency-based Interviews - develop your interview skills to ensure candidates are recruited fairly and objectively. More Details.

Assessor Training - training for assessment centre assessors. Learn how to assess candidates using the ‘ORCE’ method. More Details.

Emotional Intelligence Workshop - learn to develop your emotional intelligence and to use your emotions more effectively. More Details.

In-house Training for any number of delegates - More Details